I'm a both Lead/Senior Compositor and a VFX Supervisor and Comp Supervisor with 15+ years experience in visual effects and compositing, on both feature films and commercials and on the brend new AR/VR. During these years I had the opportunity to join:
Framestore (London, UK), Trixter and Rise VFX (Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany), SSVFX (Dublin, Ireland) Playing Forward LLC (New York, USA), Riva Digital (Dubai, UAE), and a lot of diffrent company in Italy as EDI, Xchanges, Proxima, Rumblefish and FastForward (Milan) and FlatParioli and D2B (Rome)

Some of the most famous feature films that I was involved are

-Stranger Things 4 (2022) M/R.Duffer
-Loki (2021) K.Herron
-The Suicide Squad (2021) J.Gunn
-WandaVision (2020) M.Shakman
-Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen (2019) N.Marshall
-Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 (2017) J.Gunn
-Captain America: Civil War (2016) A.& J. Russo
-The Dark Knight (2008) C.Nolan
-The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008) A.Adamson

I also gained onset VFX supervision experience, VFX supervisor, Compositing supervisor and Head of Projects on different productions and I'm also able to manage group of 3d and 2d artists from the project's initial stage to the final online or DCP delivery. I was involved in vfx commercials for client as: Ferrari, Gucci, Prada, Lexus, Sky, Samsung, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Vodafone, Tim, Campari, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Whirlpool, Lavazza, Rai, Mediaset, Eni, Ariston, Averna, McDonald's and many more..

I had the opportunity to attend Boston and San Diego AMC Siggraph
I've also been an Advanced Compositing Lecturer for a well know annual VFX Master

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