Giacomo Mineo -VFX Supervisor at Dneg-

"Niccolò is a great compositor, with very depth knowledge of compositing techniques in both film and commercial workflow.
I was impressed by Niccolò skills, dedication and his attention to details. Very accurate and precise, he always experiment and try different approaches to the shot looking for the best result. He is an ideal colleague; friendly, collaborative and willing to share. It would be a pleasure to work with him again.


Simone Riginelli -Compositing and Effects Domain Director and Lead Compositor at Weta-

"Niccolo is a good compositor, with exellent skill to organize his job and time. He is able to manage also group of people, he's able to critics his job with a good artistic taste taking care in anytime of his deadline."


Tommaso Corona -Lead Compositor at Weta-

"Great worker, kind and well prepared, he is able to manage an incredible amount of work keeping an high profile of quality."


Lorenzo Colugnati -Freelance editor-

"Niccolò is the ultimate digital compositor. He has great attention to details, strong knowledge of digital compositing and all the processes involved on creating amazing shots. It was a pleasure to work with him !"


Mauro Catena -Lighting TD at MPC-

"As I followed Niccolò during my learning, I found a very reliable and skillful artist, always focused on the deadlines, confident and comfortable with any kind of tasks and with an impressive technical level. Nevertheless, he never over-boasts his own skills and prefers a behavior of concentration, precision and reliability at work, still being available to give advices and to lend help to anyone, if needed. A very positive and enthusiastic attitude towards this job and a sincere predisposition to hard working, complete the picture, making Niccolò a professional that I'm grateful to have known, that greatly helped me in my first steps and that I really admire today."


Monica Manganelli -Creative & VFX Art Director-

"Working with Niccolo' has been a great pleasure, due to his professionalism and human aspect.."



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