DUCK_v1.0 for NUKE v8 or above

DUCK is a collection of gizmos designed to help nuke artists.

download DUCK_v1.0



In the Duck package you can find the following gizmo:

DUCK_v1.0 (simply copy and paste all the gizmo and icons in your .nuke folder)

a menu.py to put in your .nuke folder (if you don't have already a menu.py , otherwise open the file with a text editor and simply copy and paste directly at the end of your menu.py original file)

and a technical sheet with all the info you need to understand and correctly use DUCK


For any comments and suggestions feel free to contact me at


putting DUCK into the email subjects line

alpha_edge advaced Alpha Edge

green_killer blue_killer Green or Blue Killer for spill suppression

ID Object id keyer

luma_keyer advanced Luma Keyer

smart_blur Smart Blur

denoise Denoise

skin_cleaner Skin Cleaner

heat_vision Heat Vision simulation

night_vision Night Vision (infrared) simulation